Countach (single) + Remixes

by The Cassettes

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When the album "Countach" was released The Cassettes decided to ask electronic music luminaries to create a remix of the title track. The result is oddly club-ready version of the song to inspire the warrior in every one of us. Grab the Countach remixes EP and ride that Countach to the Mystic Land!

"In Navajo, a warrior says what is in the people's hearts. Talks about what the land means to them. Brings them together to fight for it." - BIGHORSE

Original version of "Countach" written by The Cassettes
from the album "Countach", available here at bandcamp.


released January 23, 2010

Remixes curated by The Cassettes & Swedish Columbia




The Cassettes Washington D.C., D.C.

From power-pop/rock to mophing into "A rollicking air-balloon ride over a landscape dotted with greasy resonator guitars, screaming accordions and theremins!"—AllMusic

Also known as a Musical Explorers Society, The Cassettes dare to push standard musical structures while maintaining a respectful tip o' the hat to the visionaries of the past.

The adventure begins with you...
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Track Name: Countach (Album Version)
By The Cassettes

Calling out with a sound
Something shaking in the ground
Coming from an ancient mound

Navajo warriors
Coming back to our time
Give us a mystic sign

Navajo Warriors
Come and take it to the ground
Yeah yeah

Take us by the hand
Show us the mystic land
Yeah yeah

Fall out
Industrial age
It's time to turn the page
Consult the ancient sage

I'm tired of this scenery
Another bright sign to see
From sea to shining sea


Navajo Warriors
Come and take it to the ground
Yeah yeah

Take us by the hand
Show us the mystic land
Yeah yeah

The Navajo Warriors
(He's gonna ride)
Came back to our time
(He's gonna write)
Said it ain't too fine
(The future of the human race)

"They tore out what was real"
(Lets get it back)
"Replaced with a big sale"
(Get off the track)
"Lock 'em up with no bail!"
(Taking back the human race)


It's time to hit reset
(He's gonna ride)
Turn off the T.V. set
(He's gonna write)
Take us to another time
(The future of the human race)

Navajo mystery
(Lets get it back)
Hanging from a sacred tree
(Get off the track)
Secrets for you and me
(The secrets of the human race)